Princi opens up inside of the Roastery!

The first Princi Bakery inside the United States is here. At 7:00 AM on November 7, 2017, Starbucks unveiled the first Princi, which is inside the Seattle Reserve Roastery. It's an experience of Italian craft, love, and a lot of flour, water, and other quality ingredients.

Princi offers a changing menu of foods to complement whatever time of day you visit. Arrive at 7:00 AM and you'll find breakfast. Mid-day the menu offerings cater to lunch, and by dinner you'll find slices of pizza and more.

There is now a Princi Blend coffee - experience it by the cup inside Princi or take a bag home with you.

Here's a sampling of the menu:

    • Pane (artisan breads, served all day): Fresh, earthy, aromatic breads that are the heart and soul of Princi. Naturally leavened loaves, ciabatta and sfilatini crafted from premium Italian-milled flour.
      • Focaccia ($6/slice)
      • Cereali Ciabatta ($7/loaf)
      • Princi Loaf ($8/loaf)
    • Mattina (breakfast fare, served until 11am): Morning menus may include Princi granola in Greek yogurt, steel-cut oats with Italian jam, baked eggs in a spicy tomato or rich porcini sauce, and cornetti breakfast sandwiches made with prosciutto cotto and fontina.
      • Cornetti ($4.25)
      • Cornetti al Iampone ($4.75)
    • Pizza (served al taglio, 11am to close): Crafted on a focaccia base, brushed with housemade Pomodoro sauce and topped with premium ingredients like mozzarella di bufala, speck and scamorza, roasted eggplant and colorful peppers.
      • Margherita ($8/slice)
      • Pizza Verdure Griglia ($8.50)
      • 4 Stagione ($8.50)
    • Pranzo (lunch selections, served 11am-2pm): Colorful salads, seasonal soups, focaccia sandwiches filled with bresaola and artichoke cream, salame Milano and mozzarella di bufala, roasted vegetables or pistacchio mortadella.
      • Prosciutto Crudo Foccacia ($6)
      • Chicken and Artichoke Salad ($10.50/whole salad)
      • Primavera Salad ($9.75/whole salad)
    • Aperitivo (cocktails and small plates): An inspired menu of beer, wine, spirits and small bites, including crispy focaccia with nduja and gorgonzola dolce, Cerignola olives and 24-month Parmigiano.
      • Olive Sfilatini Pistacchio Mortadella ($3/each)
    • Dolci (handmade desserts, served starting 2pm): Princi desserts are edible art; deliciously indulgent, beautifully crafted and impossible to resist. Offerings include fresh-baked cookies, rich tarts and chilled delights like tiramisu, delizia al limone and crostata fragola.
      • Princina ($11/slice)
      • Delizia al Limone ($11/slice)
      • Tiramisu ($8.50/slice)
      • Crostata Fragola  ($9/slice)

When you walk in, there are no menu boards, and no to-go paper menus. Ask a Princi employee what's available! They are your guides at a Princi bakery.

Melody Overton