From the Roastery to your doorstep.

The Starbucks Roastery subscription is a way that you order coffee, and it gets delivered to you, within a couple of days of roasting. If you happen to live near the Roastery (or you’re in the area), it’s possible you could experience every single step of the process, complete with the coffee ending up at your front door, in a small black cardboard box.



^ Of course coffee begins unroasted. Here’s green, unroasted coffee just before being roasted. On October 11th, I dropped by the Roastery in the morning to watch the unroasted coffee get loaded into the “green coffee loading pit.” I ended up doing an in-depth article just on that experience. Read about the “green coffee loading pit” (did you know part of the process is underneath the floor of the Roastery?) here.

The green coffee came out of burlap sacks that look like this:

Later that same day, I talked to Coffee Master Roaster Susan, who roasted this coffee. At about the half way point of roasting, she pulled some out of the roaster to show us coffee at the half way mark:

When the coffee is fully roasted (anywhere from 9 to 14 minutes or so in the roaster), the coffee pours into a cooling tray. Here’s your Bali Vintage Klasik coffee in the cooling tray of the coffee roaster:

Coffee Master Roaster Susan had been continuously checking the roast, quality, and progress of the coffee as it roasted. You can’t see it very well in the above photo but there is a thing called a “trier” on the roaster. It’s like a scoop that has a handle sticking out. It allows the roaster pull out samples of the coffee mid roasting.

Susan checked the coffee at numerous intervals, and eventually showed us this coffee in its roast progression from green to fully roasted:

Your coffee gets packaged up and shipped to you right away, in a black box with the “Star R” (the Reserve trademark) on the box: (My coffee arrived on the 13th – the same coffee that I watched being roasted above!)