selected food and drink items



the origin flight

Three different 8 fluid ounce Starbucks Reserve coffees prepared on the Clover brewer.

This is part of the quintessential coffee experience. Be sure to take a moment to smell, slurp, locate where you taste the coffee, and describe your three coffees. Notice the differences. Suddenly, coffee isn't just coffee anymore...


iced sparkling espresso with mint

Espresso, mint & demerara syrup served over ice & finished with effervescence.

This drink has been a mainstay of the Roasstery, joining the menu when the doors opened, in December 2014. It's a customer favorite.






Espresso shaken with ice & a hint of demerara syrup.


Cold brew malt

An ultra-thick, spindle-blended malted milkshake with our small-lot cold brew, Mora's locally made vanilla ice cream & bourbon barrel-aged bitters.

This is a newer creation, added in the summer of 2016 to meet the needs of wonderful milkshake-like hot weather refreshment. It's quite a treat!




shakerato bianco

The classic Italian shakerato served with a shot of fior di latte (sweet cream).



Vanilla-bean syrup and cold half-and-half, with a shot of espresso floating on top.