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The Roastery

On Friday, December 5, 2014, Starbucks opened the doors to an all-new coffee experience: The Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room. You'll find it at 1124 Pike Street, in Seattle, Washington. It is a place where you can experience coffee from the unroasted bean to your cup of coffee. You can watch it being roasted. You'll see the burlap sacks it comes in. You can watch it being loaded into the green coffee loading pit. You can buy it scooped at the coffee scoop bar. You can experience your coffee as a pour over, Siphon brewed, Clover-brewed, a shot of espresso, espresso beverages, and more. The experience is all about the coffee.

More Starbucks Roastery locations are coming soon: Right now, there is only one Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room. It's the location in Seattle. However, more are coming. In 2018, there will be a New York City Starbucks Roastery. Soon, there will be a Shanghai Starbucks Roastery. Stay tuned!

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A Note on visiting

Plan your visit to the Roastery at 1124 Pike Street. The Roastery can get very busy. The weekends are almost always more crowded than weekdays. The rush starts late morning, and the space can stay busy until close. Weekdays, early mornings, is the quietest time. The Roastery is open 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM, 7 days a week. (Since the beginning of the Roastery, the hours were 6:30 AM to 11:00 PM. Starting November 7, 2016, the Roastery implemented winter hours, starting later at 7:00 AM).

The phone number for the Roastery is 206 624 0173.


You'll find that parking is a challenge. The Downtown, First Hill, and Capitol Hill neighborhoods are dense places with little parking. The Roastery is quintessentially in an urban place where many visitors arrive on foot, by bus, by light rail, or any combination of these. If you can, come on foot. There is a public parking garage with an entrance on Minor Avenue, adjacent to the Roastery to the north, which offers parking for a fee.

The Pike & Minor Garage hours of operation are 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM.

The experience bar

While at the Roastery, be sure to visit the Experience Bar, which is at the far west end of the store. It's a place to sit down, order siphon-brewed beverages, unique coffees or drinks not available at the main ordering area of the store, and slowly experience your coffee.

renting the roastery space

The small library room adjacent to the Experience Bar (holds about 15 to 20 people) may be rented. You may also rent the lower half of the Roastery, which is the area with the larger coffee roasting operations and the Experience Bar. The lower half of the Roastery holds about 100 people.

More information on renting the Roastery here.

Enjoy yourself

Above all, enjoy yourself! Don't rush your visit!


all are welcome

Anyone can visit! There is no special tour sign up of the space, so plan on walking through it, taking everything in. Take lots of photos!

Partner discounts

Do you currently work for Starbucks? It's important for you to know that you cannot receive your weekly coffee markout at the Roastery, unless you are actually a Roastery partner.

Up until very recently, partners only received a partner discount on food and beverage purchases at the Roastery, not other retail. This just changed within the month of October 2016. Be prepared to have your partner ID card in order to receive a partner discount for any purchase at the Roastery.

A TIP Regarding alcohol & Food

There are no alcoholic beverages offered in the Roastery, which is operated by Starbucks. Within the Roastery building, there is a Serious Pie restaurant, which is operated by Tom Douglas. You'll see an entrance to Serious Pie to the right of the main doors of the Roastery, near the retail area of the store. Alcoholic beverages are offered inside Serious Pie (a pizza restaurant). However, the rule is that it must be consumed on their premises. Please do not take your pizza or drinks into the Roastery.

The Roastery Subscription

Maybe you want some of the amazing Reserve coffees, roasted right at the Roastery at 1124 Pike Street but you don't live nearby? Subscribe! Each month you'll be sent a very limited, exclusive, small batch coffee, which may not be available anywhere else. Click here to start your Roastery coffee subscription.


Exclusive coffee and merchandise

The Starbucks Roastery has a number of exclusive coffee offerings and merchandise items. There is always at least one Roastery exclusive blend, which may be Paradeisi Blend, Pantheon or Gravitas Blend. The Roastery does not take phone orders and ship to you.



selected food and drink items



the origin flight

Three different 8 fluid ounce Starbucks Reserve coffees prepared on the Clover brewer.

This is part of the quintessential coffee experience. Be sure to take a moment to smell, slurp, locate where you taste the coffee, and describe your three coffees. Notice the differences. Suddenly, coffee isn't just coffee anymore...


iced sparkling espresso with mint

Espresso, mint & demerara syrup served over ice & finished with effervescence.

This drink has been a mainstay of the Roasstery, joining the menu when the doors opened, in December 2014. It's a customer favorite.






Espresso shaken with ice & a hint of demerara syrup.


Cold brew malt

An ultra-thick, spindle-blended malted milkshake with our small-lot cold brew, Mora's locally made vanilla ice cream & bourbon barrel-aged bitters.

This is a newer creation, added in the summer of 2016 to meet the needs of wonderful milkshake-like hot weather refreshment. It's quite a treat!




shakerato bianco

The classic Italian shakerato served with a shot of fior di latte (sweet cream).



Vanilla-bean syrup and cold half-and-half, with a shot of espresso floating on top.






The Scoop Bar





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